Thursday 28 July 2011

Tiny Toon Adventures 3

Another soul saved.

Look, it's Tiny Toon Adventures 3, an unlicensed Mega Drive platformer from the far east which has been recently dumped and tailored to the needs of emulators by the folks of Sonic/Sega Retro. It's mediocre!

Monday 25 July 2011

Streets of Rage Remake

You'd think, what with my stint as leader of a fangaming website, the topic of fangaming would pop up more often on this blog of mine. Well, your non-existent wishes have been granted.

...for this is Streets of Rage Remake, fangame extraordinaire. Born among us eight years ago, slaughtered at the hands of Sega's legal team, it stands as a figurehead of all things mighty in the world of fangaming. Oh and it's probably the greatest beat-'em-up of all time, but who cares about that?

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Squirrel's Guide to Image Formats: Take 2

Hurray for more Sonic 2 screenshots!

I re-wrote large parts of this guide I made a year or two ago, partly to reflect the new blog skin (other pages will get a similar treatment in the coming days), and partly because despite claiming to host things forever, Imageshack felt the need to drop some of the images. The guide is "better" now, and although it probably still won't satisfy the hardcore technical people, it was always more of a visual demonstration rather than a lesson in computer science. I use these pages to combat MFGG stupidity.

In other news, we're partying like it's 2007 with Chrip Squirrel, the "official" Twitter account of myself (guess which names were already taken). Feel free to follow - it's effectively a condensed version of this blog but some like condensation. Like distillation plants.

Monday 18 July 2011

FZ 2006 II

I thought the MAME project was in a bit of a mess.

But nope, they're still adding things. Like FZ 2006 II, something fairly important which slipped under my radar. It's a Korean bootleg, and I'll let you guess what it's a bootleg of. Answer after the jump.

Tuesday 12 July 2011

The Pit

The best place to punch Liu Kang in the face.

Or not. It's The (other) Pit, an unrelated 1982 arcade game released by Taito. Sporting a hideous title screen and a forgettable history, it's one of many early 1980s games that will never be unearthed if it weren't for blogs like these. And what better way to follow up two high definition Xbox 360 reviews?

Friday 8 July 2011


There's nothing I like better than polluting search results. The more times you find Blog Squirrel through Google, the higher up the index it shall rise, to forever deter those who seek advice on bushy-tailed rodents.

But now there's another method - the "+1" mechanism Google rolled out a couple of months ago. It's an opportunity to show the world that you think Blog Squirrel has gnarly potential... though seeing as this site doesn't average masses of hits a day, it'll be lucky to see any activity at all. But there's no harm in experimenting, so behold, an experiment.

And if it fails to prove any point at all as is probably the case, you can guarantee I'll remove it without warning several months down the line. And for the record, it's at the bottom right of this post. And all posts.

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Sonic Generations

Demo reviews?! Witchcraft!

Yes, it's Squirrel's bi-annual Sonic-rant-o-thon, where this time I dissect the latest blunder in the once great Sonic the Hedgehog series - Sonic Generations. Bet you're as ecstatic as I am.

Sunday 3 July 2011

Pinball FX 2

Pinball! Another case of Blog Squirrel catering for the masses. It's a game so old that's it's out-grown the concept of pins, and, judging by the fact there's only one big pinball table manufacturer left, it's thoroughly disliked by the world's population. There was a time a pinball table was more valuable to a man than a newborn child... how times have changed.

Yes, it's now the norm for children to have the higher priority in life, even if you don't get points for hitting them with metal balls. But even though we don't live in an age of bumpers and slingshots anymore, Pinball still lives and breathes among us in the form of 2010's Pinball FX 2 for the Xbox 360. Will it inspire a generation of neglectful parents like years long past?