Some things I want to talk about are a bit too big for a single blog post, and it's not always suitable for The Obscure Research Project.

CGA Arcade Ports
Arcade games were ported to numerous platforms that couldn't handle them, one of which was the original 1981 IBM PC. This is a quick comparison, for the few among us who might care.

The Wonderful World of Squirrel's Acorn Electron
The Acorn Electron is in many ways a terrible 1983 budget computer, but I have one, plus some games, so I thought I'd quickly review them all. Includes various programs distributed with the 80s magazine "Electron User" too... so chances are you've never seen these titles.

NEC PC-6001 Spectacular
Various mini-reviews of forgotten games for the Japanese NEC PC-6001 computer. Yes it's different from the NEC PC-8801 and PC-9801 - this one's worse!