Wednesday 24 October 2007


Although really I don't know why I'm posting this since 99% of you will be from MFGG anyway.

Sunday 21 October 2007

When worlds collide

Presenting a completely original character not based on a 1991 trademark - Walrushog.

Will the "game" be completed? Probably not, but no doubt I'll release something. Kudos to Glukom for the idea.

In other news I do hope Google removes this new piece of code for blogger that pointlessly blurs images. Now I've got to edit HTML like a chump.

Monday 15 October 2007

The On Hold Project

See the thing about The Obscure Ripping Project is... well, it's inconvenient. Blog Squirrel? Less so. But my attempts to intergrate this blog into tORP have failed horribly, and that, along with the fact it takes ages to update it in the first place, means it's going to be inactive for a bit.

However part of that is due to the fact I haven't got anything worthwhile to update it with, so any heads up in the direction of obscure games wouldn't go a miss. Also obscure Mario rips will be going on MFGG as always.

So in case you're wondering why the thing hasn't updated since August... that's your reason.

Saturday 6 October 2007

Somewhere in Austria

Haven't really done anything amazing with SHPDMBGWL4 3 Ex for a while now other than secret levels... Heck there's more secret levels than normal ones at the moment. Difficult to come up with ideas that are better than the ones in the previous game. Can't even guarantee this screen will be in the final release. If it isn't, you'll see it eventually in some form, or maybe you've already seen it in some form (hint), what with time travel being a major thing and all.

Don't kill me ShadowMan.

Friday 5 October 2007

Random Review - Sin & Punishment

Once again I've got nothing better to do.

Sin & Punishment. An N64 game made by Treasure (Known for hits like Gunstar Heroes and Dynamite Headdy) that only recently hit our shores in the form of a Virtual Console import. I'll be honest with you, I hadn't even heard of this until a few months ago, nevermind play it, and that'll be down to the fact it never got out of Japan and doesn't have a huge cult following like say, the Mother series or whatever. It's an on-the-rails shooter where you control low-polygon people on foot, blasting random stuff.

I haven't finished the game so I'll rate what I've done so far (Which I suppose could be quite a lot, I dunno). S&P is a wierd game. It supposedly takes place in the future (I think it's actually set in 2007, which was seven years in the future from 2000) and from the sounds of things follows a bloke called "Saki" a woman that's basically a clone of the man in terms of gameplay and some annoying emo girl thing that betrays them and does psychic stuff. The three originally go out to beat a man called "Brad" and his annoying rat thing. No I wasn't paying attention to the story too much. There's a lot of it and the voice acting isn't that good (which is understandable I suppose), not to mention the story is deep. As far as I see it it's just a completely random adventure beating robot things.

So your man or woman walks forward most of the time and you shoot stuff with the control stick and fire buttons. It's all good. Man/Woman can also jump about and slash stuff with swords. Also good. Levels get a bit wacky later on but all look fine on N64 hardware. The only problem as you would imagine is the character models in the cutscenes which as already said, look a bit dodgy due to their lack of polygons. Music reminds me of the oldish Arcade games where 3D was the best thing since sliced bread. Not particularly memorable, but certainly gives off an Arcade experience (and at least it's not like a lot of modern games and has a completely dull and boring soundtrack).

Overall pretty cool, although I wouldn't go as far to say it's the best N64 game of all time. They say it beats StarFox but StarFox seems more polished and isn't story driven so I can't say I agree. Nevertheless it's still less than £10 so definitely a bargain considering it's limited release. Certainly better than stuff like Yoshi's Story that's coming up there soon (if it's not there already). Definately one of Treasure's finest works.