Sunday 24 February 2008

New Prototypes

Drx, legend at the Sonic hacking scene has released a good couple hundred Sega prototypes for your pleasure, including Sonic 2 Beta 4 pictured above. It's a collection of pretty much every game revision on Sega's database between 1994 and 1995, which means there's a lot, ranging from the Sega Master System to 32X, and a few Saturn/Dreamcast/Gamecube protos being released as well. Also bear in mind this is probably the biggest batch of prototype releases... ever.

I'm sure drx could use the funds now so why not donate?

Thursday 21 February 2008

Progress Report

SHPDMBGWL4 3 EX has a percentage counter thing which obviously tells you your progress. Mine's 80%... which in my case means that I've programmed in 80% of the game. That also means it should be out and ready to disappoint within the next two months or so.

Also the game's about 25MB compressed right now. That's more than the last three combined.

Tuesday 19 February 2008

...and done

Simple yes, but so much easier to work with.

Friday 15 February 2008

tORP's getting a revamp

Or rather, a "devamp" because I'm scratching its current layout altogether for something much simpler and easier to work with. I'm not doing a great deal with this blog so chances are I'll be using it to post news on our good old friend "The Obscure Ripping Project" as well as current stuffs. Shouldn't be too intrusive though.