Monday 12 May 2008

And about time too

Upated that crazy old site of mine The Obscure Ripping Project. Still a lot more to come, but that's because I keep finding new things to re-write.

For now though, "enjoy" re-written Prince of Persia 2 MD and Somari pages, now with more stuffs. It's nuts because all I did was open the many Somari variations in Tile Molester and I managed to find, a) the release order and, b) an unused title screen. I'm quite impressed with myself!

Saturday 10 May 2008

Why MegaDrive > SNES Volume 1

So after that post I made a few weeks ago I downloaded and played the Super Nintendo version of Mickey Mania, and to my surprise, it sucked. Hence I made a video showing all the things the MegaDrive version has that the Super Nintendo ones doesn't... at least on the first level.

If you have a little search on my YouTube channel you can have a look at more tORP vids too. I'll be linking them up with their respective pages eventually.