Friday 28 March 2008



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Tuesday 18 March 2008

Game of the Moment - 18/03/08

What? Mickey Mouse?! That's kinda sad isn't it?!? Well yes, yes it is. Sad because Mickey Mania, my current GotM is one of the last Disney games to actually be good. Back in the days where companies like EA didn't invest thousands into hiring voice actors and stuff at the expense of good gameplay - where even Disney could get it right.

Mickey Mania is, in my opinion, the best of the 16 bit Disney titles that came out in the early 90s. It came out for the SNES and MegaDrive, with a graphically updated port on the Playstation and better music and a new level for the Mega CD, but it's the MegaDrive version that I remember as a youngling.

Up until last week I hadn't played this game in probably over 10 years, yet I distinctly remembered the first level. Why is this? Because the game is damn hard. Yes that's right, a HARD Disney game. When I was younger I never made it past the second level. I'm still struggling now, but that's what makes it a worthwile purchase - a sense of challenge.

Anyway Mickey does something that more characters should do, and that's go time travelling to periods in the past to meet other Mickeys for some reason. The above level, which is also the best level, is a Steamboat Willie stage, which starts off in black & white and slowly ends up being colourised. That'll be another thing more games should do.

Okay they say Kingdom Hearts is a good game too but outside of that would you really associate "quality" and "Disney video game" with each other? Because lately I'd say "no". When it comes to Mickey Mania though, I'd certainly say "yes".