Monday 24 December 2007

A Christmas Gift

Since there's no chance in hell that I'll waste Christmas day blogging this thing, Merry Christmas in advance. Took the Christmas level off my heavily delayed SHPDMBGWL4 3 Expansion and released it to the public. Enjoy!

Saturday 15 December 2007

By the way - NiGHTS

See, there's a cult classic, often considered the best game on my favourite console the Sega Saturn, coming back. Yeah, it's NiGHTS into Dreams. I've got mixed views on the Wii sequel but what I really need to mention is the somewhat newly-announced PS2 port of the original.

The Japanese have stolen it and don't seem to want to give it to anyone else, but Sega are doing one of the best things they've done since F-Zero GX, and that's port the game over, even if it is to a system on it's way out. They've improved the graphics (although have kept the Saturn version in for no reason whatsoever) but most importantly they've included Christmas NiGHTS - the best Christmas-themed game ever (Sorry Mission In Snowdriftland). I got an import of Christmas NiGHTS for the Saturn last year and I must say it's a very impressive little thing. Doesn't offer much I suppose, just one level with a Christmas theme (although it changes depending on the time of year) but it does offer one of the best easter eggs ever - Sonic into Dreams, the first 3D Sonic game ever (real 3D that is).

I hang out at a Mario forum so I'm surrounded by people who have never played this game. Here's your chance. Miles more interesting than a boring old RPG with the same bunch of anime characters you see in the majority of Japanese-only games.

Hey kids

You know I made the Christmas level for this game back in September. The beginning of September. Back then I had hoped to have it out by my Birthday, now it's doubtful I'll have it out by Christmas. But hey, enjoy a main menu that I implanted the other day. There's more stuff on it, but I'm not revealing what "stuff" that is. You'll have to unlock it when the time comes. This screen's already fooled people into thinking it was Kirby Superstar DS... no I'm not sure how you could really fall for it either.

Luckily for you I may just release the Christmas level separately because it pains me to see you people suffer without some duck-in-tank action.

Thursday 6 December 2007

Haven't posted in a bit

I'll spare you the SSBB rant about that possible Q3 release date and say everyone should get Super Mario Galaxy... because that's what's been stopping me from posting stuff for the last few weeks. Not that I've been particularly inspired to do any blog-worthy stuff anyway, but still, go get that game, 'tis great.