Saturday 27 December 2008

Oh goodie, more SHPDMBGWL4 4

I seem to have commitment issues with this blog of mine. I wouldn't be surprised if it ran off with another man. Though obviously I'd have to return the favour by sleeping with some other blog service.

Merry Christmas btw, even if it is a tad late now. I'd say "Happy New Year because I'm not likely to make another blog post", but I'm already running out of things to do so I might get that SHPDMBGWL4 site up before then. Or not.

It's a mystery!

Tuesday 28 October 2008


What's this? A blog post?!

Yeah following some rather nifty pirate discoveries I shifted The Obscure Ripping Project to It's not the best idea in the history of man, but it's a better one than leaving it on fateback because FTP services there suck.

Now at least I can update things quickly.


Let the word of Squirrel be spread far and wide. Though not too far - there are bandwidth limits.

As for other things... well NCFC came and went, I never actually did anything dispite saying I would and adminship at MFGG is more time consuming than I had originally planned. But no matter.

Oh and I did update tORP a bit. SMW NES, Somari and Super Donkey Kong 2 got added to. In fact I uploaded my entire tORP folder so there might actually be a load of minor updates too, possibly some unfinished. Exciting!

Monday 28 July 2008

Looks like tORP's going to have to move

Because after years of faithful reletively ad-free service Fateback have decided to put huge banners on the top of every page. Thanks Fateback!

This blog is sitting idly by catching dust. Here's an unrelated work-in-progress tileset.

Saturday 12 July 2008

NCFC 2½: The smell of fear

There's absolutely no point in posting this because of the two places this blog is linked from, one is MFGG who are the biggest player in the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention (NCFC) and the other IS NCFC.

But it's still worth a look.

...or if you're not a games developer it'll be worth a look this October.

Also for the 2½ people who visit this blog, stuff did happen, and it was on MFGG, which is why I've yet to post anything big here.

Saturday 21 June 2008

Still here btw

And now that Sonic & Knuckles 5 has been dumped I've got to re-write large chunks of that tORP Somari page. And there's also SHPDMBGWL44. CRAZY.

Stuff will probably happen within the next few weeks.

Monday 12 May 2008

And about time too

Upated that crazy old site of mine The Obscure Ripping Project. Still a lot more to come, but that's because I keep finding new things to re-write.

For now though, "enjoy" re-written Prince of Persia 2 MD and Somari pages, now with more stuffs. It's nuts because all I did was open the many Somari variations in Tile Molester and I managed to find, a) the release order and, b) an unused title screen. I'm quite impressed with myself!

Saturday 10 May 2008

Why MegaDrive > SNES Volume 1

So after that post I made a few weeks ago I downloaded and played the Super Nintendo version of Mickey Mania, and to my surprise, it sucked. Hence I made a video showing all the things the MegaDrive version has that the Super Nintendo ones doesn't... at least on the first level.

If you have a little search on my YouTube channel you can have a look at more tORP vids too. I'll be linking them up with their respective pages eventually.

Tuesday 22 April 2008

The death and return of tORP (erman)

At some point in the future my semi-sexy site The Obscure Ripping Project will have a few new upgrades. What sort of "upgrades" you ask? Well here's a clue. And another. Because if pictures tell a thousand words and youtube videos show 30 pictures a second then that Donkey Kong video tells 8220000 words. That's like, more than most dictionaries.

I'm taking a page from the book of Hardcore Gaming 101, and will hopefully start hosting some comparison stuffs to those crazy pirate articles as well, rather than one or two screenshots. Who knows, maybe I'll even put in some rips!

Quality of the Youtube vids is rubbish I know. But it's either that or 150MB AVIs, and files that size make me feel uncomfortably small.

Friday 28 March 2008



It's here. Enjoy it. Visit this topic for more info.

Unfortunately Sitesled decided to delete all my stuff without notifying me, so it's on Sendspace for now.

Tuesday 18 March 2008

Game of the Moment - 18/03/08

What? Mickey Mouse?! That's kinda sad isn't it?!? Well yes, yes it is. Sad because Mickey Mania, my current GotM is one of the last Disney games to actually be good. Back in the days where companies like EA didn't invest thousands into hiring voice actors and stuff at the expense of good gameplay - where even Disney could get it right.

Mickey Mania is, in my opinion, the best of the 16 bit Disney titles that came out in the early 90s. It came out for the SNES and MegaDrive, with a graphically updated port on the Playstation and better music and a new level for the Mega CD, but it's the MegaDrive version that I remember as a youngling.

Up until last week I hadn't played this game in probably over 10 years, yet I distinctly remembered the first level. Why is this? Because the game is damn hard. Yes that's right, a HARD Disney game. When I was younger I never made it past the second level. I'm still struggling now, but that's what makes it a worthwile purchase - a sense of challenge.

Anyway Mickey does something that more characters should do, and that's go time travelling to periods in the past to meet other Mickeys for some reason. The above level, which is also the best level, is a Steamboat Willie stage, which starts off in black & white and slowly ends up being colourised. That'll be another thing more games should do.

Okay they say Kingdom Hearts is a good game too but outside of that would you really associate "quality" and "Disney video game" with each other? Because lately I'd say "no". When it comes to Mickey Mania though, I'd certainly say "yes".

Sunday 24 February 2008

New Prototypes

Drx, legend at the Sonic hacking scene has released a good couple hundred Sega prototypes for your pleasure, including Sonic 2 Beta 4 pictured above. It's a collection of pretty much every game revision on Sega's database between 1994 and 1995, which means there's a lot, ranging from the Sega Master System to 32X, and a few Saturn/Dreamcast/Gamecube protos being released as well. Also bear in mind this is probably the biggest batch of prototype releases... ever.

I'm sure drx could use the funds now so why not donate?

Thursday 21 February 2008

Progress Report

SHPDMBGWL4 3 EX has a percentage counter thing which obviously tells you your progress. Mine's 80%... which in my case means that I've programmed in 80% of the game. That also means it should be out and ready to disappoint within the next two months or so.

Also the game's about 25MB compressed right now. That's more than the last three combined.

Tuesday 19 February 2008

...and done

Simple yes, but so much easier to work with.

Friday 15 February 2008

tORP's getting a revamp

Or rather, a "devamp" because I'm scratching its current layout altogether for something much simpler and easier to work with. I'm not doing a great deal with this blog so chances are I'll be using it to post news on our good old friend "The Obscure Ripping Project" as well as current stuffs. Shouldn't be too intrusive though.

Sunday 27 January 2008

Another opportunity to show my greatness

If you're interested that is. Stuffed 407 of my games into, although you'll obviously have to click this to see. Whether I'll update this thing is another story, but it's slightly better than having a Microsoft Works database.

Either way I'm apparently 6th in the world when it comes to "beating" games...

Thursday 17 January 2008

Got a video this time

...and since I've never needed to use Windows Movie Maker or YouTube before, I've never noticed how unbelieveably crappy videos get. Anyway inspiration has been lost again so consider this something to keep your minds occupied before the final release abuses them.

Saturday 5 January 2008

Downloads update

Took some healthy advice and stored all my little gems on a domain a little bit nicer than Sendspace. Sitesled isn't perfect but it'll save me from having to re-upload everything all the time.

Player Adventure DX
SHPDMBGWL4 Christmas Special

Note that there's bandwidth restrictions, so if thousands of you people decide to have a download fest overnight chances are these might not work. I doubt it'll be much of an issue though.

Shed World

I have created the greatest shoot-em-up of all time.

Well okay, the greatest shoot-em-up would be a one where the five AI players above aren't suicidal, has powerups and you don't spend most of your time shooting flags. But that's shed world for you!

Wednesday 2 January 2008

Happy New Year and stuff

Here's a screenshot for you. Now you can seek my advice in SHPDMBGWL4 3 EX as well. Why you'd want to remains a question, since well, I don't give great advice half the time. I also only show up once per game, i.e. you'll need to restart the application to see me a second time.

My advice clinic only appears once you've completed the "normal" part of the game. At the moment it's incredibly difficult to get everything unless you're me, so you might have to resort to asking my crappy character. In other words, you're screwed.