Wednesday 20 July 2011

Squirrel's Guide to Image Formats: Take 2

Hurray for more Sonic 2 screenshots!

I re-wrote large parts of this guide I made a year or two ago, partly to reflect the new blog skin (other pages will get a similar treatment in the coming days), and partly because despite claiming to host things forever, Imageshack felt the need to drop some of the images. The guide is "better" now, and although it probably still won't satisfy the hardcore technical people, it was always more of a visual demonstration rather than a lesson in computer science. I use these pages to combat MFGG stupidity.

In other news, we're partying like it's 2007 with Chrip Squirrel, the "official" Twitter account of myself (guess which names were already taken). Feel free to follow - it's effectively a condensed version of this blog but some like condensation. Like distillation plants.

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