Occasionally I write guides on various subjects that fall within the scope of my personal interests (which is anything to do with computing/video games, basically). It's good to spread advice.

I'm not a master with DOS but I know what's stupid, and mounting C drives time and time again certainly falls into that category, as is running a program with the wrong settings. Here I briefly explain some top tips so you too can enjoy fifteen years worth of classic software without too many problems.

Image Formats
Schools don't teach the ups and downs of image formats, so I thought I'd step in and sort it out. Learn why the internet should rid itself of JPEGs and embrace the PNG.

Macintosh Emulation
Emulating a classic black and white Macintosh is even more painful than DOSBox! Find out how to deal with the multitude of stupid compression formats of yesteryear and bizarro emulators here.