Friday 22 October 2010

Sonic Fan Remix

Hey I'm not too thrilled about saving it as a JPEG either, but this is indeed a playable Sonic Fan game running in real time on this computer. It's the talk of the town at the moment - a fangame designed by Sonic Retro users pelikan13 and Mercury which, even if you're not a massive fan of the strange art styles employed here, completely wipes the floor with Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

Built with the Unity 3D engine, Sonic Fan Remix is a three level demo which surprisingly still looks great on slightly under-powered hardware. Things to note are an almost perfect physics engine and of course all those neat graphical effects. I can't say I agree with all the graphical and audio choices, but it's certainly the most impressive Sonic fan game I've ever seen... don't know about you.

The topic of discussion can be found here, though do note that thanks to the likes of Kotaku a lot of download mirrors have died hosting this thing. Nevertheless, fantastic stuff and certainly worth your while.

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  1. Ha! I was just about to post about this as a reply in your Sonic 4 article. I wondered if you were aware of it, and I agree it completely makes your case that even a fan project utterly trumps what Team Sonic presented as the 4th installment of the series. If they're not already aware of it, I'm sure when they find out they'll be seething with rage, and over much more than just copyright issues.

    Unfortunately, it runs REALLY terrible on my computer, even under the "fastest" config option. If this were on a console, though, I would actually buy it, maybe for $20 or more.