Saturday 19 June 2010

Super the Lion King 2

Donkey Kong Country (on the NES) Returns... though I almost wish it hadn't.

This was dumped... today! Another Donkey Kong Country pirate for the NES, this time featuring... Simba from the Lion King! And three levels!

Essentially it's another clone called "The Panda Prince" in new clothes. There's not much to say about it, aside from that fact it's short, difficult tat that looks and sounds terrible, but it's not difficult to describe. The game feels the need to start off with one of those poorly designed minecart levels that need save states to beat, and after completing that stage there's two very simple on-foot levels and a fight with DKC's Necky. It's clearly based on a more complete version of the game, as is the Panda Prince, but that's yet to show up.

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