Saturday 24 October 2009

When emulation goes too far...

... you find yourself emulating menu systems to old computers you used to use such as this (click for a bigger picture). PowerMenu by Brown Bag software was the GUI of choice when Bedlington's council offices were powered by DOS computers in the late 80s/early 90s. One of those computers arrived on our doorstep after a clearout in 1994/95 and served as my "gaming computer" for half a decade before this machine came along and rendered it, and it's Windows 98 step-sister inferior.

As the last person in the world to give a damn about that machine I've been casually emulating it via the wonders of DOSBox, and now I can link all the programs together OLD SKOOL. It's actually a got a fairly fancy setup for its time - every colour can be changed as can every menu, and if you press F4 you're flushed back to the world of standard DOS. It even has a "recommended" 30 day trial (doesn't really matter if you abide since there's nothing to stop you exceeding the trial), or you could dish out £60 for the message to be removed. Pretty steep even for the day.

There's not much to say about this. It's very unlikely anyone will ever touch this again - I'm likely to be the only person to download it for months, but if, for whatever reason we have to downgrade to computer architecture of the late 1980s, this might be something you'll want to hook up with.

Also operating systems have suddenly got more interesting now that my laptop has the processing power to run VirtualBox at decent speeds. I can't say I ever pictured myself emulating Fedora 11 but I sure showed myself.

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