Tuesday 30 March 2010

tORP Update

More of a catch-up if anything

I give you one updated Pocket Monster NES page and one updated Super Mario Land 4 page. The reason for a lack tORP activity is due to a lack of interesting pirates emerging on the net, or obscure games that require more than a blog post of discussion.

There's likely more work to be done but I'm sure it can wait. Still fairly certain one day a wiki-like site will emerge sometime in the future and put my efforts to shame anyway. They are more efficient after all.


  1. Those pandas in Panda World are Tarepandas. This is where they come from.
    Although, they DID left in a level skip code in PW.

  2. Holy... this TORP thing seems quite cool! Didn't even know games like those existed, I gonna bookmark the site.

    ~ JSH