Tuesday 23 March 2010

It's dangerous to go alone

I don't have a string of women to entertain me (partly because I don't come with a standard namespace declaration attached to my head), but I do have the next best thing - a Nintendo prototype. If you're not affiliated with the crazy world of half finished games, you won't know that Nintendo prototypes are stupidly rare. This one apparently cost about £3000.

Brought to us by a bloke called "cen" and a god called "drx", The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask prototype #1 is now part of the interwebs. It's debug heavy and slightly broken but could be of interest to mad Zelda fans. Majora's Mask was the second Zelda title for the Nintendo 64 and supposedly one of the best the series has produced. I don't really share that view, but that's because I don't really like back-tracking and time limits in a Zelda game.

There's not much to see, but you're able to manipulate a lot of the game's variables to produce some crazy results. Supposedly there's more Ocarina of Time leftovers within the coding too. To get it working in Project 64 you've got to link up the ROM directory through the advanced settings, and even then emulation is still far from perfect. To access the debug features you have to use the second, third and fourth controllers, so it's not ideal for a computer keyboard, but as you're given all the items on start-up and the game is largely complete, you're still at an advantage.

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