Thursday 11 June 2009


Well, here you go.

I've been slaving over this garbage for the best part of this week. Thirteen Mortal Kombat NES pirates, all covered in one place.

The original task I set myself was to find out who made Kart Fighter but my results were inconclusive. There's just not enough evidence to say "Hummer Team made it" and call it a day, regardless of what you may have been told.

Remember kids; the Nintendo Entertainment System and the fighting genre don't mix!

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  1. Nice article you've written. I'm surprised with the trouble you go through to figure out these time lines, especially with how huge this one was.

    Seeing this did remind me of a port of Samurai Spirits 2 for arcade to the genesis. Ever seen that one? It may be interesting to see more genesis stuff, though they probably don't have as many mysteries behind them as far as who made them and their years of release go...