Thursday 18 June 2009

Expect the unexpected

because Tiny Toon Adventures (6) is about to start.

For ages I thought this was just another hack of Konami's Tiny Toon Adventures NES game. Turns out it's a completely original title, and for a pirate, isn't too bad. It needs a bit of a polish but compared to some of ths stuff I've played, this is a god.

In other news I re-wrote the article on Harry Potter's NES adventure and found some chickens. Like many early tORP pages it was hideously out of date and didn't really explain a lot. Now it does.


  1. Actually, if you went through the whole game from Stage 1, no Stage Selects, you'd actually get the win screen.

  2. I'm surprised it's not noted anywhere in the article but as far as I remember, this game is actually the pirates trying to copy Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break for GB. Of course they weren't 100% original as you notice they reused a lot of graphics from the original NES game rather than try to directly copy the graphics from the GB game. But still, check it out. I bet you could make interesting comparisions in your article ;)

  3. Oh, and I wouldn't say 100% original either :p The physics and all the graphics and music highly suggest it's just something written over the original, not to mention of course, it's a GB game port as I said above... :D

    As far as Harry Potter goes, there's no way anything in there is original besides the title. I bet someone will recognize those stage graphics from something someday.

  4. Oh man, I keep remembering stuff I left out last time lol.

    The Furball and Hamton sprites aren't original either, rather they're just their respective sprites from Tiny Toons 2 for NES.

    And as far as the credits go, I can say for certain after a lot of stuff Taizo from the RX forum has given me that several names in there have been in numerous other NES and Genesis pirates, albeit without the awkward romanizations. It's actually hard figure out what staff is listed from one game to the other thanks to the way they choose the anglicize their names as it's not apparently in their original Chinese names, But I can say for sure that Carol and Kathy have appeared elsewhere. I wonder when Taizo's gonna get something up to show the work i did for him :P

    Anyway, I hope this has all been of some help. I'm really liking how this site is starting to really look into these pirates rather than just say a couple of words and then link to the rom like most sites. :)

  5. Gawd, I didn't even think to look at GameBoy stuff. Looks like there's some more work to be done then!