Sunday 21 April 2013


Squirrel's busy. And that's created a dilemma.

Yes, my stockpile of posts in preparation for such an event has run short, and that means either thrilling changes in direction or... not much happening until the end of June. I was sixteen years of age when I started this blog, and back then I could afford to make writing questionable English a priority. Today that's less possible, and so, "Blog Squirrel spring break" or something... idk.

I'm also acutely aware that I may have spent the last six years completely wasting my time, so I don't want to be ploughing more hours into this project than I need to (that time's for Sega Retro!!). I've thought about bringing in other fun subjects like PROGRAMMING and UK POLITICS, or maybe use that Twitter account for something other than automated plugging, but it's all up in the air - there may not even be a future. Frightening!

Feel free to suggest things in the comments below or stay silent or whatever - I'll still be around, but unless something major happens, I won't posting reviews of video games for a couple of months.

As an aside, I've acquired a lot of pointless Sega knowledge over the last three years - I could start detailing finds if people care.


  1. Hey dude, I enjoy your reviews and check this blog pretty frequently so I'd be bummed to see it end. Hope you find the time soon!

  2. How piteous it would be to live in a world without a regularly-updated Blog Squirrel. I need a regular fix of obscure relics from years long past, too!

  3. Been enjoying your reviews and info since I found your Obscure Research Project!, the irony and sarcasm is what I like about your reviews =)

    I'd be bummed too if this ends now =(, do you have a twitter account already?

    1. I do indeed:
      although as said, it's only kept alive by scripts and robots - it's not very exciting

  4. Programming's fine.