Friday 9 July 2010

Vote 1924... again!

BanjoSonic, the number one SHPDMBGWL4 fan has successfully taken all of my craptacular SHPDMBGWL4 games, linked them up to a front end, sprinkled in some extras and released the collection as a 102MB download. It contains pretty much everything to ever carry the SHPDMBGWL4 name, and there's been various little bugfixes to make the games completable.

The cleverly titled "SHPMBGWL4: Mega Collection" is available at my redesigned SHPDMBGWL4 website! No the games won't be split into separate downloads and no I won't give you any more advice on how to complete them (it's been so long that even I've forgotten).

The games haven't stood the test of time amazingly well. There are issues with the way Windows 7 (and probably Vista) handles sound, so you may find yourself in a situation where sound effects are repeating non-stop and gameplay is lagging. It's awkward but there's not much that can be done.

Nevertheless, a fine waste of two and a bit years.


  1. There's something wrong with tORP's main page; it's replaced with the SHPDMBGWL4 page, but there's no pictures or background or anything.

  2. That's what happens when you play with FTPs at 10 o'clock at night