Thursday 28 January 2010

More garbage on its way

I suspect many people travel to this blog for the latest and greatest news on my one-man-mission to somehow document every notable obscure pirate video game on the planet. I've been in the process of swapping computers, and the new one isn't a fan of my old internet setup. It does, however, have a 23-inch 1080p monitor, so it's difficult to complain.

Of course this means I've had to ignore new dumps such as this. PANDA WORLD. Yes that's right, the way to protect an endangered species isn't to force them to mate in captivity, you just need to construct a giant robot that will hurl up a few babies every now and then.

I don't know what the kids are into these days, but if flat pandas float your boat, this is obviously the game for you. Turns out it's a new version of Pocket Monster, without a weird and wonderful "debug" feature and instead a strange looking, snowball throwing panda avoiding jars.

Like its cousin, the game prefers to steal graphics from other games rather than spend time inventing some. The Mega Man series is a prime target this time around, along with Tiny Toons. The music is identical to that of Pocket Monster, though there's not as many screens and no VELBTs or TABLELANDs. It's actually a fairly decent game now that some of the obvious flaws have been patched up, though it's not a Mario beater.

As with many other things I have to do, I'll be covering this in a bit more detail at a later date. But I suppose this is just to say I haven't forgotten about you guys.


  1. I already posted the ending of this game, although the sound got glitched... and you aren't alone with this obscure pirated games. I beat like 140 of them already. - just take a look.

    You can use my endings being posted on the site, but just give credit, if you actually use them. Thanks!

    Have fun, good luck:

  2. This looks like the fan-made PC game Cartman's Autoritah.