Wednesday 12 August 2009

SHPDMBGWL4 4 on hiatus

Though it might not be a massive surprise that progress has been slow - usually I'm boasting about my craptacular game whenever the opportunity arises. I've had a bit of a creativity block as of late and this plus the lack of motivation to program in some more levels probably means that SHPDMBGWL4 4 won't see the light of day in 2009 at the very least. I do have my annual Christmas specials to do you know!

SHPDMBGWL4 4 was a massive project despite its initial aim to be smaller than the last title, SHPDMBGWL4 3 EX. What was going to separate this from the earlier games was the role of Quackers, who would eventually become so twisted over time he'd evolve into the game's main villain. It was due to get a tiny bit complicated and have different versions of Space Korea escaping the boundaries of their respective parallel universes to rage war on the multiverse with Quackers, who would become so twisted that he could effectively control the thing. Very ambitious.

Though I can't safely say this game is "cancelled" as such (I may pick it up again in a few months... who knows), if I do decide to pull the plug chances are I'll release some content to the public so they can finish it off if they so desire. I'm hoping to start and complete a course in computer games programming so who knows, maybe Quackers will come to your home and be voiced by Eddie Murphy or someone, and have far too many in-jokes to be taken seriously. And the Jengo Fett alternative can go around predicting low Metacritic scores and commenting on poorly rendered areas and glitches. And the game can be a cross between an RTS and a one-on-one fighter. And the game comes strapped to a cat.

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