Sunday 19 July 2009

A Quest for Freedom

Look what I've found, it's the hard-to-find religious game Onesimus: A Quest for Freedom known for using the engine and graphics from Jill of the Jungle. I'd played about two minutes of this thing a decade ago and had to download it from a Spanish website just to have a second try. Needless to say it's not a very common game.

But alas like most religious games the end result was sub-par. Why? Because there's only about four or five levels not stolen from the Jill of the Jungle games, and the original levels are dull. It also loves to throw in unavoidable quotes from the book of Philemon that have little relation to the game at all aside from the title. And would there really be an ICE CASTLE in the time of the new testament? There's also a few sprite changes, probably because the devils/demons probably weren't appropriate, so what better than flying topless men? Oh and don't expect transformations or anything interesting like that.

I think the most embarrassing thing is the ending, in which you go to "Paul's house" who effectively says "believe in god". What a waste of a journey - the apples have been saying that since level one. But at least I can now say for certain now that there is no reason to play this game if you've got Jill's adventures.

It's a good nostalgia trip though I suppose.

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