Wednesday 18 February 2009

tORP Update?

Say what?

Got an article up about Harry Potter's fantastic MegaDrive adventure. A terrible Pac-Man clone which was also released under the imaginative name of "Pokémon II". Might get a video up eventually too. EXCITING.

Currently working on getting a massive article done on the Super Boy Series - a bunch of Mario clones for the MSX and SG-1000/SG-3000 consoles. Should be both painful and soul destroying. There's also a Super Bubble Bobble page to come, but I haven't been inspired to take more screenshots as of yet.

I've had Super Boy 2 and 3 rips on MFGG and the like for ages. Tackled Super Boy 4 recently so if you're actually interested in the rips that my little site promises but never delievers, head on over to that Galaxy of Mario Fan Games.

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