Saturday 17 January 2009

Follow me

And I shall lead ye to the promised land filled with blog posts about time travelling ducks and obscure games.

Noticed Blogger installed a few things to it's list of strange features. One of those is a "Followers" list, i.e. a list of followers. Now you too can subscribe to this blog. You could probably get RSS/Atom feeds anyway but that's not the point.

So, time to see if this blog has any followers I guess!

Also no, I didn't come up with anything decent before new year. Happy New Year btw.

Also yesterday marks the 4th year of me being attached by the hip to Mario Fan Games Galaxy, or at least its forums. It works out as 18.33% of my life... that's probably bad.


  1. Dear BS...

    Yeah it's me, after 2 years of my baning, let's see, i just hated that situation, i wasn't mature at all, the fault was some stolen sprites, and no credit...

    Anyway, I have experimented on BooMansion, a forum life, i miss the spriter life, now i'm doing my best on Youtube, but talking in a very respectable way, I want a second chance, i know that i created Multiple Accounts (about 3), because it was really unfair for me, i sweared, i know, the S word, so please if you can give me (because you are one of the Chiefs) a REAL second chance, i promise you respect, no swearing, and quality.

    Please answer me if you remember me.

    Also known as +@(H¡n, The Forgotten and SKT-Man in my other accounts.