Tuesday 28 October 2008


What's this? A blog post?!

Yeah following some rather nifty pirate discoveries I shifted The Obscure Ripping Project to 100MB.com. It's not the best idea in the history of man, but it's a better one than leaving it on fateback because FTP services there suck.

Now at least I can update things quickly.



Let the word of Squirrel be spread far and wide. Though not too far - there are bandwidth limits.

As for other things... well NCFC came and went, I never actually did anything dispite saying I would and adminship at MFGG is more time consuming than I had originally planned. But no matter.

Oh and I did update tORP a bit. SMW NES, Somari and Super Donkey Kong 2 got added to. In fact I uploaded my entire tORP folder so there might actually be a load of minor updates too, possibly some unfinished. Exciting!

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