Tuesday 22 April 2008

The death and return of tORP (erman)

At some point in the future my semi-sexy site The Obscure Ripping Project will have a few new upgrades. What sort of "upgrades" you ask? Well here's a clue. And another. Because if pictures tell a thousand words and youtube videos show 30 pictures a second then that Donkey Kong video tells 8220000 words. That's like, more than most dictionaries.

I'm taking a page from the book of Hardcore Gaming 101, and will hopefully start hosting some comparison stuffs to those crazy pirate articles as well, rather than one or two screenshots. Who knows, maybe I'll even put in some rips!

Quality of the Youtube vids is rubbish I know. But it's either that or 150MB AVIs, and files that size make me feel uncomfortably small.

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