Monday 20 August 2007

Games of the Moment - 20/08/07

Second time. This must be a feature or something.

It's an odd moment too. Due to redecorating, my regular PC's been offline (and managed to die on me after being moved, but that's a different story), so I've been reduced to my good old lappy which finds new ways to annoy me every time I use it. It's got an odd selection of games on it, from Quake III to Sonic Spinball Beta but these are the main two I've been playing:


If you've not played N then where the hell have you been? It's a platforming puzzler game thing with great physics. Not providing a screenshot this time because I don't want anything resized.

N is a flash game, but unlike the majority of flash games, it's fun to play. Your Ninja bloke can jump around and hang on walls, and your job is to get to the goal by flicking switches, avoiding enemies and getting gold before the time runs out. Think Lode Runner but with more freedom. It's got a level editor and hundreds of maps, and it's being ported to the DS and PSP in the next few months. My recommendation? Play it for free. It'll be hosted online if you go looking, but downloading it equals less lag, and means you don't have to be online to play (which is pretty useful for this laptop).

Sonic 1 MegaMix

What on Earth are you putting these two together for? They're not similar in the slightest! Well, uh, because. Sonic 1 MegaMix is, by definition, the greatest Sonic 1 hack ever. Possibly the best Sonic hack ever. The latest version (3.0) set a new standard for Sonic hacks, and there's still work being done on it for another version.

So anyway, the MegaMix team made up of some of the finest hackers in the Sonic community took the Sonic 1 ROM, added Mighty the Armadillo and Shadow the Hedgehog, programmed in some crazy moves (Homing attack, spindash, that thing where you travel along lines of rings etc.), put in Sonic 3 shields, extended and changed the layout of levels, put in new graphics (Like in Misty Maze pictured above), new music (Michael Jackson's Moonwalker?!), super forms, save feature, a "hard" mode and half a dozen other things, thus creating what is essentially a new game entirely... well okay some levels are just palette changes but still.

Furthermore they left in the original Sonic 1 levels/music/whatever, so you can play them with your new powers and stuffs. And all done in the restrictions of MegaDrive hardware! Yes, you could probably play this on your real MegaDrive. The only problem with this game is that obviously, it's half illegal what with it being a Sonic 1 ROM, but that shouldn't stop you. I mentioned this in the SAGE update not too long ago as well, and surely if I'm recommending it twice it needs a download.

So yeah, got some strange stuff on this laptop, but shouldn't be too long until I can get back on my old PC and tell BanjoSonic the broken Player Adventure codes so that he can get his hedgehog-like paws on one of SHPDMBGWL4 3's secret endings. Also so I can finish the "Expansion Pack".

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